Basketball Tips

OK, so we have gone through most of the basics of the game of basketball, the ones that are going to make you a better basketball player.

What else is there to know?

We’ll finish up this book by offering some final pieces of advice and skill for you to use to become a better basketball player.

Make sure you can do everything with the other hand: I didn’t really touch too much on the importance of this but there is no doubt you will be head and shoulder above most players if you can use your opposite hand to execute any of the skills we discussed.

Practice with your opposite hand as much as you would with your dominant hand in things like shooting a lay up, dribbling, and making passes. Having the flexibility to do these things will be noticed by your coaches and other players.

Driving the lane: I felt this was best described in the lay up section. There are very few tips a coach can give a player when dealing with driving to the hoop. Some of the tips I would give would be:

  • Drive with authority. Don’t try and dance around everybody in an attempt to get to the hoop. When you make the decision to drive –drive!
  • Take the ball up with two hands. None of this fancy stuff with one hand taking it to the hole. Two hands all the time.
  • Always drive with a plan B – the dish off. It is never a good idea to go it alone. If you miss you have no one there to help you out.

What about other moves that weren’t talked about? We could probably write a book just about all of the basketball moves that are available to each player. You can just about make up whatever move you want – the spin move, the crossover, the 360 tomahawk, etc. All of those moves were made up by players in the NBA. Whatever the move is all you need to do is practice, just like anything else. My advice to you is don’t worry about the fancy moves, just get the basics down to an art first, then worry about jazzing them up.

What about team concepts? Again, we could have described hundreds of situations and strategies that you would learn something from, but if we do one, we have to do them all. This book focused on how to make you, the individual better at the game basketball.

3 point shooting – Even at the high school level, the percentage of treys made is probably around 20 per cent. That might sound like you should learn about the proper way to shoot a three point shot – but you already have. A three-point shot is just a long distance set shot or jump shot. If you have the fundamentals – from the science to the technique – you should have no problem learning how to be a better 3-point shooter.

We hope you have been able to learn a thing or two about your game, and that you can take the tools we have given you here to Be a Better Basketball Player!